Geeky LEGO Crafts


As LEGO grows in popularity, I’ve been amused to watch it intersect with the broader geek culture. My LUG has exhibited twice at our local comic convention (Rose City Comic Con), where I’ve met lots of casual fans that love the bricks but haven’t fallen into the AFOL hobby yet. This new book, Geeky LEGO Crafts, is aimed directly at those geeky hearts!

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Diggin’ in the Tables


Given any reasonable population of LEGO enthusiasts, there will crop up stores that specialize in used bricks. We have a chain of them around these parts that go by the name: Bricks and Minifigs. Most of their business seems to come from the collectables market (that I don’t have much use for), but they also feature big tables of used bricks. Continue reading Diggin’ in the Tables

Tiny LEGO Wonders


To any regular reader of this blog, it is obvious that I am a big fan of microscale LEGO. I love distilling ideas down and trying to capture their essence with careful parts usage. This beautiful book is full of inspiration and technique for the micro builder and I’m happy to finally get to tell you about it. Continue reading Tiny LEGO Wonders

10252 Volkswagen Beetle


I don’t buy many of the big sets. My LEGO hobby is more about building than collecting, but sometimes the nostalgia bug bites me hard. I have happy memories of a baby blue beetle that my dad and I drove around in when I was a kid. We put a lot of miles on that car and drove it till it died. Seeing this latest Creator Expert set, I knew that I had to have one. Continue reading 10252 Volkswagen Beetle