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Daily Internet 1/16/18


"Mongoose" Scout Hovertank

I like this little hover tank by P. B.

Den Mother and Pups

Happy Droneuary! Tom did a great job with this crew.


coffeetablebricks really hit close to my heart with this Space Ghost!

Daily Internet 1/15/17


"TYRANT" drone [prototype]

I really enjoy the blocky color on this drone by Shannon Sproule. I should also say that I immediately stole the leg design for something I was building today.

Turtle Factory - Robot Arm

Peter Reid‘s style of ‘greeble as structure’ is so daunting to me, but I’m in love with the intensity of this yellow crane.

Daily Internet 1/16/15


Actually a few days worth, but I’ve been busy…


I love the stripped down simplicity of this microscale catamaran by TenorPenny.


I don’t know where 62778grenouile is going with this scene, but the use of unusual textures is wonderful (check out the backside of those baseplates).

LEGO Bosco Verticale Side View

I’m a huge fan of vertical greenspaces and this one has been beautifully rendered by Jesper Girl.


Simon Liu has mixed TARS and Smile Space and everything about it is right.

Havik-class Katana Drone "Furno"

This is just about the platonic ideal of Droneuary: tiny, greebly, and all business. Expertly built by Titolian.