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P-98 Nemesis by Jon Hall

P-98 Nemesis

I’ve long been an admirer of Jon Hall‘s understated dieselpunk style. Sand blue is a perfect color for military builds and nicely set off by white here. Careful use of custom graphics (and removal of some original printing) really finishes it.

Daily Internet 1/21/15


M10 Fury

I’m loving the use of gears on this little mecha by Marco Marozzi!

Geflugelter Panzer

ska2d2 has built another great diespunk flyer.

F-06 SkyRazor

The brick-built striping and all those engine details! A great fighter by Sylon-tw.


zi zy is the master of these little mecha, constantly innovative and surprising. I love the tracked heels!

Digueta IWM Type D68 Mark II_D173

What a great crab-like mecha here by Benjamin Cheh Creations.

Schwarze Feuer

Lu Sim really knocked it out of the park with this menacing black mecha. The translucent flourescent orange highlights really work!


I mean, just look at those awesome swords!

Daily Internet 1/18/15



Moko‘s latest mech is full of crunchy detail!


Another ska2d2‘s dieselpunk flying machines, this time in a racing red.

Generic Infantry Twank

Just the essence of a walking tank, nicely distilled by P. B.

MAERSK Automated Transport

A sweet microscale space freighter from Shannon.

Miniature Golf

It’s the latest Iron Builder entry from Nannan and I love the muted tones and mini-golf!

Daily Internet 1/10/15


Ryuhei Kawai’s latest mecha are super awesome, but he has sharing restricted on Flickr. Click here to check them out.

Infernal in Warcraft

This guy is phenomenal! I love how Bangoo H has lit his behemoth from inside.

Mk2 Scout & Catapult

I love me some airships, and this little scout ship with launching catapult by ska2d2 is perfect.