70602 Jay’s Elemental Dragon


Ever since last year’s 70734 Master Wu Dragon set, I’ve been rather enamored with Ninjago’s dragons. In the last couple of years the dragon sets have been great and from the look of the box, this new dragon for Jay is no exception.


A lot of great blue elements in those bags. The sticker sheet looks fun too, printed on a clear plastic with lots of lightning motifs.


All of the minifigs in the set are in the first bag. This Jay is very similar to the one in 70605 Misfortune’s Keep, but he has the more common cowl and head. I like the female pirate, she has a great sneer and a classic cutlass on her back. I’m still liking the monkey, but I’m not sure how many metal/cyborg monkeys I need.


The female pirate has a smirking alternate face. Otherwise, these are all torsos that we saw in 70605 Misfortune’s Keep.


The rest of bag 1 builds a little flyer for the pirate and starts at the dragon’s body. Lots of great spare elements here. It feels a bit strange that they used short lengths of tubing instead of the regular bars, but I suspect that it represents a blow gun (paired as it is with the syringe element). It’s also a bit funny that the monkey gets a grappling gun that is bigger than he is.


Bag 2 builds the dragon’s head and neck, as well as the legs. I really like the use of translucent light blue highlights in this build. The Dragon’s lower jaw uses the element from Metalbeard’s beard to create a craggy chin. A lot of great technique in this model and I love seeing specialty elements brought back as NPU in unrelated models.


We finish up the build with bag three, giving the dragon its wings and tail. I would have liked to see a bit more articulation with these wings, as the design leaves them a bit stiff. I do like the built-in shooters and their missiles in translucent blue.


I really like this set’s colors. The multiple shades of blue work well for the dragon and I’m digging the rusty browns for the more dieselpunk pirate models.

All in all, an excellent set for anyone who enjoys dragons. I’m also thinking that this set would make a fine draft, considering the nice price per piece and the great mix of colors and elements.

Keep building and enjoy!