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Last summer, the Lego Stores made some adjustments to their Pick-a-Brick walls. Word on the street was that we would be seeing more thematic parts selection, and for a while that seemed to be true. A whole slew of ‘Friends’ themed elements (all those bright colors) started showing up and individual bins were getting signage to indicate that they would complement different themes. Then the wall started to get stagnant. Continue reading Pick-a-Model

August Cup

august_cupLast week I felt the siren call of the Lego store, so my son and I took the bus. It actually takes two or three buses to get there, so it takes a good chunk of our day. I’ve had the impending Shiptember on the mind a lot lately, which has been coloring my parts acquisition. Since it had been a couple of weeks since my last visit, I was hoping that something magical would have appeared in the bins.

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July Cup


Yesterday was hot, so my son and I took a pilgrimage to the Lego store to participate in the monthly model build for kids. I say pilgrimage, since it takes three buses and about an hour and a half to get there from our house, but we’re used to the bus and so the trip can actually be a bit of a fun adventure.  As it turned out, all of our connections were quick and the air-conditioned buses were much better than the 98 degree heat outside.

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May Cup

may_cup At the May PortLUG meeting, we drafted the Cinderella’s Carriage set. It was a big draft and I walked away with 64 medium blue curved slopes. When I got home and started trying to use these beautiful new elements, I realized that I didn’t have more than a handful of other medium blue bricks. Sigh. A lesson learned about drafting: when pulling an awesome inspiration piece, make sure to grab useful supporting bricks too. This brings me to last weekend’s trip to the Lego store. I filled a small PaB cup with handfuls of interesting bricks, including a helping of 1×2 medium blue bricks. I grabbed more travis bricks (the ones with studs on all four sides) and few other things that might come in handy. may_cup_contents In all, I fit 425 small pieces in my cup, for a price per piece of just over 2 cents. Not a bad haul.