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BrickCon 2015


This last weekend, I attended BrickCon 2015 in Seattle, Washington. Though it is not the largest of LEGO conventions, it is the longest running and draws builders (and the public) from all around the world. This was my second year there and I went with a completely different agenda than last time.

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Rose City Comic Con 2015


This last weekend PortLUG had a booth at our local Rose City Comic Con. We’d never put on a display at a comic convention before so it was all new territory for us. What made it even more interesting is that we were invited to present a panel on building Lego. I threw my hat in that ring and signed up for the madness. Continue reading Rose City Comic Con 2015

Bricks Cascade 2014


This past weekend I attended my first Lego convention: Bricks Cascade 2014. I’ve never been very interested in conventions, but I decided to attend because this is a local show that is closely affiliated with PortLUG (of which I am a member). I registered early and spent time building a MOC to display. Then I got a bit nervous.

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