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Micropolis Monday: Mismatched Houses

This week’s houses started with some roof experimentation. Rooflines can be hard to capture in the Micropolis scale, which sits at an awkward point where it is hard to do complex things like dormers, yet it is equally hard to get smooth slopes at many angles.

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Micropolis Monday: Big House

This model is based on a house from one of my old neighborhoods. I used to walk by this big house on a corner lot just about every day. It had this cool, quasi-georgian style too it. That house was a cool, older house that had seen better days and I wanted to build my own version of it.

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Coronae Softworks

A while back, New Elementary put out a call for participants in one of their Festivals of Parts. They are one of my favorite LEGO blogs and a solid influence on the way that I write about my hobby, so I jumped at the opportunity. I wasn’t alone in wanting to test my skills, so it was lovely to be chosen to receive a bag of Nexogons. Continue reading Coronae Softworks