Micropolis Monday: Another Masonry Trio

I don’t usually design my Micropolis modules to complement each other, but the last few have been quarters of a cohesive block of mostly old-school masonry. This final module is another trio of various brick buildings, each with their own character.


I really like how this final group has come together. For two of the buildings, I used similar color schemes as other buildings in my block, but with slight variations in the accent colors. I also tried to make sure that they all appeared to be from different eras.


Around back, they leave a little courtyard that will connect with the free spaces in the neighboring modules. I like how these three colors look together and how the slight variations of height play against each other.


In plan, we can see the different footprints.

As is my habit, I designed the module on a Twitch stream last Friday night. About thirty minutes in, I got raided by another streamer and I went from a single viewer to somewhere around 20. It was fun having some questions in the chat and getting to talk to someone other than myself.

This was a great series of modules, but I’m a bit drained of ideas for this kind of small masonry building. I’m already looking forward to something a bit bigger and more modern next week.

Keep building and enjoy!