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Daily Internet 1/25/15



Dasnewton is back with a great heavy starfighter.

The Maiden of Tarth

Pascal has already taken advantage of the breakdown that dasnewton provided to build his own copy.

And then there were two

These little guys were built as part of the trophies for Cory Janssen‘s MechApocalypse ’47 event at BricksCascade 2015.


There have already been a lot interpretations of Interstellar, but this one by jp_velociraptor is amazing.

Blue Train

Galaktek seems to have gotten carried away with his table scraps and wound up with this evocative train vignette.

MTR Mountain Top Removal

It took me a moment for the scale of this scene to settle in. Mike Doyle‘s mountaintop removal MOC is as gorgeous and a bit terrifying.

"Desert Demon" AI Assault platform

I’ve been working a tank myself lately, and this handsome little devil by Rancorbait is kick-ass!