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Waka [flickr][blog][youtube] – Another fabulous builder in Japan. He blogs about his creations, sometimes showing the details of their construction. Most of his MOCs are mecha or sci-fi, but he has some cool characters as well.

Zi Zy


Zi Zy [flickr][blog] – One of my favorite mecha builders. His creations are intricate and steeped in anime sensibility. His blog is in Japanese. He has published a number of books on building, but they are difficult to get outside of Japan.

Lego on Flickr


As someone just getting back into the hobby, I have a fair amount of catching up to do. The internet is full of resources, from fan sites to the official Lego site, to a whole host of third-party businesses that sell new, used and custom Lego. I’ve been slowly accumulating interesting blogs and news sites, and I will talk about those another time. Right now I want to wax about a site that I’ve been using for years, but has taken on an entirely new life for me as a Lego fan: Flickr.

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