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Steampunk Trophies

A couple of months back I volunteered to coordinate the Steampunk theme at Bricks Cascade 2017. Mostly it is an organizational position, helping make sure that everyone has a place for their models and that the displays look good for the public. On the attendee side of things, I’ll be responsible for judging models and awarding trophies. That also means that I had to build trophies to give away. Continue reading Steampunk Trophies

Daily Internet 3/26/16


LEGO Blitzcrank

I can’t say that I know anything about League of Legends, but I love this build by Eric Tsal.

EARTH FORCE Project 88

Florence and her machine

Divine Thunderstrike

Rod Gillies is really cranking out some fantastic models for the current Iron Builder competion!

MRL - Ende

Omar Gonzalez is creating some cool models for his Mecha Racing League.

land lover

This one might be digital, but I’m digging the model and the stylized render by Erik.

Daily Internet 1/10/15


Ryuhei Kawai’s latest mecha are super awesome, but he has sharing restricted on Flickr. Click here to check them out.

Infernal in Warcraft

This guy is phenomenal! I love how Bangoo H has lit his behemoth from inside.

Mk2 Scout & Catapult

I love me some airships, and this little scout ship with launching catapult by ska2d2 is perfect.