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Building from YouTube

Sometimes I want to build something different, something that I have no idea how to start. I got it in my head recently to build a scene that involves a couple of vehicles. I don’t even know where to start when it comes to building cars, I’ve never done it. Luckily I had a resource for showing me how to build just what I needed: YouTube. Continue reading Building from YouTube

Coronae Softworks

A while back, New Elementary put out a call for participants in one of their Festivals of Parts. They are one of my favorite LEGO blogs and a solid influence on the way that I write about my hobby, so I jumped at the opportunity. I wasn’t alone in wanting to test my skills, so it was lovely to be chosen to receive a bag of Nexogons. Continue reading Coronae Softworks

Steampunk Trophies

A couple of months back I volunteered to coordinate the Steampunk theme at Bricks Cascade 2017. Mostly it is an organizational position, helping make sure that everyone has a place for their models and that the displays look good for the public. On the attendee side of things, I’ll be responsible for judging models and awarding trophies. That also means that I had to build trophies to give away. Continue reading Steampunk Trophies