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Commercial Micropolis (part 1)


I’ve been lax in my blogging lately, but here I am back again with another installment of my Micropolis posts. This time I’ll be switching gears to talk about commercial buildings. This building was inspired by a pile of elements that I received in a draft and a vision of a tiny brick-built taco. So I decided that I needed to add a taqueria to my city. Continue reading Commercial Micropolis (part 1)

Scaling Micropolis


Building at small scales can be tricky. LEGO is a versatile building system, but elements can only get so small before they are too small to handle and interconnect. The smallest common element is a 1×1 plate which would be 7.5 feet across and 3 feet high in Micropolis (making it about 1:285). That is a grainy pixel!

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Into the Micropolis Standard

DSCN0651Hopefully, I’ve wetted your appetite for designing little buildings. Before we begin, we have to talk about the rules. As AFOLs, we tend to sideline the instructions. If we build to them, it is often just to plunder them for techniques. Since the heart of Micropolis is the standard, there are rules that we have to follow in order to play well with other builders.

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