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Patreon Update: DnD Map Tilesets Coming Soon!

I’ve been really excited about the Dungeons & Dragons maps that I’ve been designing and building lately. I’ve posted a series of concept maps on Instagram with the #mapvember tag and people seem to really like them. Starting in December, I’ll be making the tilesets available for Patreon followers! Continue reading Patreon Update: DnD Map Tilesets Coming Soon!


I’ve been building LEGO® models regularly for about five years now and learned so much in the process. Most of that knowledge came from passive osmosis of ideas that comes from going to shows and crawling the internet, but the best ideas have come from communicating directly with other builders, and for that reason I am going to start holding workshops here at Brick Root HQ. Continue reading Workshops

Diggin’ in the Tables


Given any reasonable population of LEGO enthusiasts, there will crop up stores that specialize in used bricks. We have a chain of them around these parts that go by the name: Bricks and Minifigs. Most of their business seems to come from the collectables market (that I don’t have much use for), but they also feature big tables of used bricks. Continue reading Diggin’ in the Tables



The flip side of all the building that I’ve been doing is that I’m terribly behind in my sorting. A well sorted collection is key to being able to build well (since a piece you can’t find is a piece you don’t have). With Bricks Cascade behind me, it is time to get busy disassembling unwanted models, parting out sets, and sorting all those elements.

Continue reading Sorting