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Life on the Edge of LEGO


I am currently sitting at the Hillsboro Washington County Museum, listening to my darling husband and his PortLUG (Portland LEGO User Group) buddies talk about where they should set up Micropolis, mecha, and more. I actually know what those terms mean. I also have a paper cut on my left hand from a LEGO instruction manual. I got that the other day when I was helping my son with a set. You could say that I am involved in the world that is LEGO. Continue reading Life on the Edge of LEGO



Last summer, the Lego Stores made some adjustments to their Pick-a-Brick walls. Word on the street was that we would be seeing more thematic parts selection, and for a while that seemed to be true. A whole slew of ‘Friends’ themed elements (all those bright colors) started showing up and individual bins were getting signage to indicate that they would complement different themes. Then the wall started to get stagnant. Continue reading Pick-a-Model