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double_cupI was in Seattle this last weekend, visiting friends when the siren call hit me. There are two Lego stores nearby, so I hopped some buses and sampled both PaB walls. That makes for a lot of long bus rides and malls, but the treasures that I found!

First stop was the mall in Lynnwood. I’d never been there before, but the store itself is fairly standard. The wall had 64 bins, the same as my local store, but the selection was very different. One of the things that I was hoping for were snot brackets. I’d seen them on the wallofbricks.com entry and I need them for my Shiptember plans.


The brackets were there, and soon they were in my large cup. Sadly, the brackets fit tightly enough that I wasn’t able to fit many small pieces into the voids that were available, but I did get another handful of translucent orange cheeses.


I wound up with 374 brackets and 114 cheeses for $17.51 (WA has sales tax). My price per piece came in about 3.5¢. That’s high for me, but still much lower than bricklink prices.

In Bellevue, the wall yielded up some pleasant surprises.


They had 6×12 bright green plates and 1×2 black plates. I stacked sixteen of the bright green plates and filled the rest of the cup with the little black plates. I could probably have fit a bit more on if I hadn’t staggered the big plates, but I was worried about getting them apart later without undue damage.

The black plates were the real joy though. I’ve been hoarding 1×2 plates for some micro-scale fantasy plans, and one of them calls for black. Score! They had the same small plates in lime and medium lavender, though tempting, I decided to pass.


The total here came to 16 bright green plates and 780 black, for a final price per piece of 2.2¢.

I’m not used to sales tax, which made the cost for a large PaB cup considerably higher. Not a deal breaker, but if there hadn’t been sales tax, I might have gotten a small cup to plates in yet another color.

All together, a lovely little bit of shopping. Now that I am home, I’ll get everything situated as I ramp up to starting my Ship next week!

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  1. If you have Oregon ID, you don’t have to pay sales tax, they can’t however stack it with anything else (so employee discount I’ve been told isn’t an option if you skip the tax, or you can’t skip the tax if one takes the employee discount).

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