I’ve been building LEGO® models regularly for about five years now and learned so much in the process. Most of that knowledge came from passive osmosis of ideas that comes from going to shows and crawling the internet, but the best ideas have come from communicating directly with other builders, and for that reason I am going to start holding workshops here at Brick Root HQ.Starting in January, I’ll be running workshops on building techniques in my home studio. My first sessions will be focused on mecha, but I’ll change-up the curriculum and format from month to month. Prices will vary depending on materials provided and subjects covered.

My basement studio is modestly sized, so each workshop will be limited to four seats. The small format will make it easy to answer questions and tailor to individual needs. I am particularly interested in critique sessions, as critical feedback is something we rarely have in the AFOL community.

I’m really looking forward to helping builders in my community build and share their technical skills. I’ll be posting sign-ups for the first mecha workshops later today.

Keep building and enjoy!