Micropolis Monday: Glass and Masonry Duo

I’m having fun with the series of old-school brick buildings that I’ve been designing, but it is fun to mix it up with more modern buildings wedged in where they can fit. I love quirky buildings that are tailored to unusual footprints or materials.


This pair is a fairly simple brick building with a more modern building along side. The younger sibling is wrapped in a glass brick skin that gives a tantalizing but abstract view into the interior. This smaller building was tricky to build, with a number of half-stud offsets to create the wrapping effect without adding too much volume.


Because this module was built to line up with specific models in my collection, I was able to built all the way to the edge with some confidence. In this case I even went over the edge, as those window project slightly from the wall.

With buildings like this, with simple volumes, I do my best to pack them with details. I can’t represent the subtle decorations, so it is all about delighting the viewer with what I can.


The footprints here are fairly simple. The larger building has an over-sized light well and with the smaller building we can see the half-stud offset for the glass. The extra stud on the lower roof is to facilitate different orientations for the solar panels. This was I can make sure that the solar panels on my many buildings point in a consistent direction.

As usual, the design for this model took me about 90 minutes, which I streamed on Twitch last Friday night.

I try to give useful commentary during my streams, but I love it when people stop in to chat or ask questions too!

I’m enjoying this series of buildings.

Keep building and enjoy!