Micropolis Monday: Agricultural Society

The last few weeks I’ve been a bit off, a mix of burnout and complete lack of inspiration. It was a pleasant surprise last week when I finally saw a building that sparked my fancy. It was refreshing to fire up my stream and enjoy the process again!


I’m back on my plate-built masonry again. This time using dark red with a bit of dark orange and reddish-brown for accents. I decided to keep most of the building windowless, but I’ve a lot of glass around the entrances at street level and at either side of the upper terraces between the towers.

The hard bit of the model was the vertical openings on the towers. These took a bit of trial and error before I could mount them sideways on recessed snot bricks. Mostly, I wanted to hide the bricks so that the skin of the building could be uninterrupted plate work. This, combined with the recessed doors, was a lot trickier than expected.


I kept the building’s footprint down to make sure that it had plenty of breathing room on the lot. This let me have a broad alley down the back with some shrubbery along the building’s edge.


In plan we can see the surrounding landscaping, as well as the terrace planters. Each tower has a green roof an a pair of chimneys. Those required another bit of snot building to reverse the direction of the studs.

I’m very happy with the modern lines of this building. I like the stylistic contrast with the other masonry buildings that I have been designing lately.

Keep building and enjoy!