Micropolis Monday: Duo Apartments

I’ve been in a LEGO funk for ages. Life has been turbulent and the enduring pandemic has kept me bottled up. Recently though, I’ve realized that I want to design more futuristic buildings. I want to create a future worth living in.


I love the idea of buildings being refurbished and finding new lives. I don’t know what this framework is for, but I love the way it wraps around an old masonry structure. The seamless connection of the elbow elements with the cross-braced supports is really what inspired this piece.


Around the back, we can see some more doors opening onto an alley. A bit of simple landscaping softens the built environment.


Just looking at this mix of textures and materials I want to build more like this. I love the play of geometry, futuristic curves wrapping around a rectilinear past.

It will take some work to get my creative juices flowing, but I am looking forward to it.

Keep building and enjoy!