Micropolis Monday: Brewery

Though I’m not a big beer drinker, I have fond memories of the breweries of Portland. During the fourteen years that I lived there, I found myself passing one brewery or another just about every day. It seems an oversight that it has taken so long to add one to my city.


The construction on this model is simple, but I did my best to pack in the details and tell the story. The big brick building houses the brewery and public house and we can see the massive steel tanks peeking out from the walled yard.


Around back there is a loading dock and a pair of delivery trucks. There is also a better view of the three tanks along the side. I honestly don’t know what purpose the tower serves, but it really helps balance the design and I love using barrels for water tanks.


Seen in plan, the model is almost devoid of color, but the use of space shines through. This is the first model that I build in quite a while that doesn’t have any plants or trees. It works without them, but they are definitely missed.

Something new and exciting next week. Until then…

Keep building and enjoy!