Micropolis Monday: Small Factory

I’ve been getting inspired by industrial architecture from science fiction concept art. My city has been lacking in industrial buildings, yet I don’t want to build sprawling manufacturing complexes either. This fictional futurism lets me have small buildings with implied purpose and complex details.


I tried to play with shape, texture, and color with this little building. I wanted to give the viewer plenty of food for their imagination, untethered by my own intention. I have no idea what this factory could be building, or how it comes and goes. I just wanted something playful and futurist.


Around the back we can see more details. I really wanted to use those printed boat tiles, they have a lovely industrial feel to them.


In plan, you can see how snug this factory is on its lot. No room for parking or trucks to come and go. I’m happy that I was able to wedge in a bit of green, with the row of trees along the road.

The more that I look at this model, the more that realize that is really the first draft of a more interesting model down the road. I’m already looking forward to that next iteration.

Keep building and enjoy!