Micropolis Monday: Zag Trust Building

Sometimes a building is about just one detail. Sometimes they sing with just one note.


Honestly, I think this building is a bit weak on its own. The shape isn’t much, but the graphic elements and color will stand out in the urban landscape. I’d like to explore more like this, as I really love the thought of architecture with bold design elements.


A simple silhouette, but the graphic color adds some nice complication. It doesn’t come through in the render, but I backed the translucent bricks with a range of colors to give the impression of contents, more than just an empty shell.


The building’s shape sacrifices a fair amount of interior volume. This trade-off of style over substance makes sense for a luxury condo vanity project. Maybe the whole impractical building is some kind of financial fraud or tax scam.

So many of my buildings have these kind of storied in my head. Those narratives help me breathe life into the bricks (though I will admit that it works better with some than others).

Keep building and enjoy!