Micropolis Monday: Rainbow Trio

I keep coming back to low rise urban buildings. I love feel of densely-packed, smallish, brick buildings. They offer so much character and such an easily imagined history.


This white building with strips of color was the seed for this model. I love this more modest (yet still striking) graphic element. Though it is easy to see architecture as volumes and light, I feel that living architecture has color and texture.


Around back, the two flanking buildings are more prominent. They are both simple masonry structures, but tried to pack in the little details to give them each their own character.


From above, the plan is fairly simple. Three rectangular footprints and an alley giving access to a small courtyard in the back. The mixture of roof types is evident here, suggesting different eras and sensibilites.

This is a lovely model and I look forward to adding a physical copy to my sprawling Micropolis layout.

Keep building and enjoy!