Micropolis Monday: Silver Taper

Curves are difficult to capture in LEGO. The more complicated the surface, the more parts intensive and technical the solution. So of course I decided to play about with conical shapes for my latest building.


I designed this model layer by layer, and each presented a slightly different challenge. The interior is a mess of snot techniques and off-sets. The more that I look at it, the more I want to go back and re-engineer the whole thing.


Being cylindrical, the back isn’t anything new.


In plan, it is clear how each layer is one stud smaller in diameter. I am struck by how limiting it is not to have translucent curved slopes. I’d love to have the glazing flow along the curvature of the building.

As much as I like this design, it still feels like a draft. I still have a lot to explore. The model originally used metallic silver curved slopes, which cost a literal fortune, but I really wanted the domed top.

A lot of concessions with this one, but I’ll come back to it in time.

Keep building and enjoy!