Micropolis Monday: Arcos Tower

This building is inspired by some pictures I saw of a local building, the Rainier Square Tower. I was immediately taken by the gentle curving taper. Of course, I mis-remembered some of the details and went in a different direction with my building.


For this building, the key was building out the terraces that define the curved taper. I originally pictured the building in black with the dark glazed windows, but the 2×2 corner panels that I used for the terraces are only available in a couple of colors. The white cladding and the dark windows have a nice contrast though, so it works out nicely.

I also cut back one of the corners at the base for a sheltered entrance. I feel like this serves to encourage this upward motion in the tower.


The back side of the tower is a bit boring (though looking at it right now, I see a spot where and element was missed).


From above, we can see the layers of terrace, as the building tapers. For the roof of this building, I varied from my usual features and added a pair of wind turbines. A trio of HVAC units add to the mechanical features on the roof.

This was a challenging building to design. The varied stagger of the terraces was difficult to render, especially as I added deck surfaces to most of them. I really like the finished product and I’m looking forward to building a physical model eventually.

The one change I would make when I build it with real bricks is the addition of various colored bricks behind the windows. This would keep light from passing all the way through the tower and simulate the various lights and colors that would fill the rooms.

Keep building and enjoy!