May Cup

may_cup At the May PortLUG meeting, we drafted the Cinderella’s Carriage set. It was a big draft and I walked away with 64 medium blue curved slopes. When I got home and started trying to use these beautiful new elements, I realized that I didn’t have more than a handful of other medium blue bricks. Sigh. A lesson learned about drafting: when pulling an awesome inspiration piece, make sure to grab useful supporting bricks too. This brings me to last weekend’s trip to the Lego store. I filled a small PaB cup with handfuls of interesting bricks, including a helping of 1×2 medium blue bricks. I grabbed more travis bricks (the ones with studs on all four sides) and few other things that might come in handy. may_cup_contents In all, I fit 425 small pieces in my cup, for a price per piece of just over 2 cents. Not a bad haul.