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Lixers (Mixels)


This last weekend I found all of the new Series 5 Mixels at my local Lego store. It was an easy decision to grab one of each (and quite a few of the older Mixels that were marked half-off). I’m always looking forward to new Mixels, but these Lixers, with their bright shades of yellow and orange looked like a lot of fun. Who doesn’t like little monsters with big tongues?

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Daily Internet 5/31/14


UCS MF-813 Flying Mule, and crew.

Modulex Castle 2

courier shuttle

Orange Space Cruiser


Also, check out Kwi-Chang’s latest. (click through to see it, as he doesn’t allow sharing of his Flickr images)


  • Trevi Review – The latest architecture set has some subtle techniques and interesting elements.