Orbitons (Mixels)


This last weekend I took a trip up to Seattle. While I was there, I took in the local Lego stores to see what regional treasures there were to find. Sadly, the Pick-A-Brick walls were a bit disappointing. As a consolation, I did pick up one of the new Mixel tribes and assemble them on the train ride home.


With my tray table down I dug into the first bag, a strange fellow with a transparent head. Lego has crafted a fairly consistent theme out of the Mixels, so building Rokit didn’t hold many surprises. He did define the tribe nicely, establishing the white and lime color scheme with accents of pearl gold.


I particularly like the smidgen of greebling under his clear dome head. He also came with one of the new Nixels. With this fourth wave, Lego is finally adding some new Nixel designs to the mix!


Next up was Niksput, who expands the tribe’s theme by adding space plane elements to the design. His construction is just a bit wonky, with awkward limbs and a jet of fire coming out of his rump like a perverse tail.


I like the little weirdo, but this is definitely a trio of awkward space bots.


The last up was Nurp-Naut, another more astronaut themed Mixel. It isn’t readily apparent from the pictures, but his head swivels around to reveal a pair of eyes on the other side! Otherwise, he is of fairly standard construction, with flappy arms and stubby, ball-jointed feet.


I really like the lidded eye element. I would have preferred the domes to all be clear, as the smokey domes can be quite obscuring.


All in all, they make a handsome family. I almost felt bad about rendering them back into pieces.


This trio has a fairly different part mix than many of the other tribes. There are larger plates and a wealth of small curved slopes, but less cheeses. I had previously downloaded the instructions to build the Max (the larger, combined form).


The big guy combined elements from all other others and is probably my favorite of the four models.

All in all, another fun set of models. The Mixels continue to mix (lol!) and combined to form a consistent, though still surprising and innovative, series of designs.

Keep building and enjoy!