Infernites (Series 4 Mixels)


They aren’t new anymore, but I just picked mine up recently, so I figured that I should talk about the second incarnation of the Infernites. If you’re like me, you might have written off this trio as a rehash, but don’t be so quick to dismiss.


We’ll start with Meltus. Right from the package, I can see that there is some fun snot techniques in the shape of his head. I also like the look of that tail-piece in red.


No surprises inside. A standard Mixel instruction booklet and a bag of pieces. There isn’t much color variety here, predominately red with a few black and dark red elements.


The finished build has a lot of character. I particularly like the shape of the head and the use of an element that I associate with cars to create his brows. A little meagre in the way of extras, though. I think this might be the first Mixel that I can remember with a static, closed mouth.


Next is Flamzer, a crabbish little cyclops dude.


I can see the Nixel in this bag of elements. It might be the excess of black elements, but it already looks like there is a bit more color variation here.


All put together, Flamzer isn’t quite what I expected. Honestly, I thought he had more legs based on the package photo and I didn’t see that segmented tail. A fun little guy, but more reminiscent of a dog than the crab that I thought at first.


Burnard was the next up. I love the use of the spherical eyes in the inverted hemispheres.


Nothing too surprising here. I am coveting those 2×2 inverted hemispheres though.


This build was another one with surprises. From the photo on the packaging, I didn’t even see the floating eyebrow until I put him together. Lots of useful elements here for a micro builder like me: plate hinges, 1×1 round plates with holes, various cheeses and other tiny elements.


All assembled, I have to say that I really like this second batch of Infernites. All of the models are fun and well realized and have the excellent bonus of being full of nice elements.


Of course, no sooner had I assembled the three little guys than I took them apart so I could build their Max. It was in this build that some of the odd elements, rails and grooved bricks in Flamzer, were reused to make the flame in the Max’s mouth slide back and forth. He’s a chunky model, but he still looks good with his peers.

Another great tribe in the fourth series, possibly my favorite in the term of the models themselves. Some of the others had better/more interesting elements, but these guys had charm.

Keep building and enjoy!