Lixers (Mixels)


This last weekend I found all of the new Series 5 Mixels at my local Lego store. It was an easy decision to grab one of each (and quite a few of the older Mixels that were marked half-off). I’m always looking forward to new Mixels, but these Lixers, with their bright shades of yellow and orange looked like a lot of fun. Who doesn’t like little monsters with big tongues?


First up is this weird little lion-dog named Spugg.


Spreading out the contents I see some great elements in that bag of parts, a nice mix of yellow and flame yellowish-orange. A smattering of translucent orange too.


The highlight is the 2×2 round jumper in reddish-brown and the modified plate with tooth in translucent orange. This is only the second color that this new jumper has appeared in and it should be a useful one.


The finished model is a spunky little guy with bug eyes and a pokey red tongue. There are some characterful techniques here, like the stepped ridges on his back and the head that spins on a technic pin connection. A relatively low piece count and only two extras, but the build is still quite satisfying.


I can’t say enough about the shaping on this guy. The drooping eye and broad, arching mouth are speaking volumes. I’m not sure about that tongue, but I’m willing to give it a go.


Nothing too surprising inside. That plate is large for a Mixel.


Another spectacular recolor here, this time one of the new 1×2 plates with handles at both ends. Yay!


A great finished model. I still think the tongue is too long, but hey. The Nixel is one of the styles used in the last series, so nothing new there. Oddly, I think that Turg’s feet are my favorite part, just flat slabs of yellow (even without the cheese, the studs imply toes nicely).


Tungster rounds out the trio. It’s easy to see the massive tongue rolling out of his mouth.


I’m liking the look of those orange wings, but otherwise there aren’t any elements to get worked up about in this one, though it does have the highest piece count of the trio.


I definitely like the completed model more than the picture on the package. My only complaint is that the tongue needs a second point of articulation.


The finished tribe is kind of awesome. The bright colors don’t disappoint and the tongues are totally ridiculous. I’d love to have dozens of them for the parts alone.


Of course, no sooner had I assembled the tribe, then I was breaking them down to build their Max. This guy has some interesting features that work to various degrees. The reused tongue can be spun around via a knob on the back of the head. This has the unfortunate side effect of making the back of his head look terrible. Overall, I’d rather have the previous three models than their Max.

I have to say, the bar is already set high for this fifth series of Mixels. Any fan of bright colors should already be on their way to buy these guys! I’ll be building the new Frosticons next.

Keep building and enjoy!