Frosticons (Mixels: series 5)


I’m enjoying the fact that Lego is revisiting some of the earlier tribes in this year’s Mixels. I can’t say that the Frosticons were one of my favorite tribes the first time around, but I am enjoying this new trio of blue monsters.


Here’s a friendly looking guy with a big mouth and a lot of medium azure. Let’s get started with Krog.


A lot more blue there than it looked like from the picture. Otherwise, no surprises.


Krog looks pretty good all put together. His legs seem a bit short and feet much too long, but I love the medium azure robot arms.


Next up is Chilbo (I keep wanting to call him Chillbro). This guy has some serious eyebrows!


Nothing too interesting here.


I like this guy’s attitude. Assembled he looks like an angry little monster. The tuft of ice crystals on his head looks great too.


Snoof is the oddball of this trio. He looks like some kind of goofy jet-sled cyclops!


Fewer, but larger, elements in this one. It’s going to be fun finding a use for all of these bows.


Put together, he seems awkward. He rocks on the inverted bows and his neck (you can’t really see it here) is a completely undecorated length of mixel ball joints. Some strange design choices here and I can’t say that they’re working for me.


So, eyebrow guy is definitely my favorite and otherwise these aren’t too exciting. I do enjoy the colors, so they’ll make decent parts packs once they go on sale in a couple of months.


As lackluster as the basic models were, their Max is great! He’s a beefy looking dude with flick missiles that fire out of the palms of his hands. This guy alone redeems the tribe for me.

Keep building and enjoy!