Micropolis Monday: Jacobsen Municipal Building

Not every building in the city is in architectural masterpiece. I’m always struck by the offensive beauty of brutalist buildings, and imagine them as great bastions of bureaucracy. When it came time to build a city government building for my city, I had to make it a concrete monstrosity.


This model was designed to wrap around one of my other buildings (the sunrise tower) as a 3/4 block. The main entrance opens onto a small plaza, and heavy concrete wings flank on either side. I wanted to play with using anti-studs for window openings and repeating forms. I also purposely used old, yellowing bricks were possible, to give the feels of old, stained concrete.


The back side of the building is a nearly featureless wall of concrete. I really like the recessed archways at the end, as sheltered external stairs run up either end.


Though unseen from the street, a lush green roof grows between the angled protrusions on the roof. Those shafts of concrete concealing ventilation systems and skylights.

It’s not my prettiest building, but it is still one of my favorites.

Keep building and enjoy!

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