Micropolis Monday: Sunrise Tower

I designed this building a couple years ago. It’s been gathering dust on my hard drive, but I’ve always loved the wild colors and shaping on this model. This 52 weeks of Micropolis project finally gave me the nudge to build it.


There is a lot going on with this building. The diagonal striping I stole from a builder on Instagram, but it took a few tries to get the dimensions right. The color was just a lark, but I’ve been getting more interested in color gradients in the LEGO palette lately.


There is a weird cut-out in the back in the lower floors, where I some kind of cost saving was going on. These stripes are a bit delicate, as they are only connected to the rest of the model at the top and bottom.


The roof is simple, but has all the usual suspects: a mechanical shed, a water tank, a cluster of HVAC units, all surrounded by a green roof.

This building marks the second half of my Micropolis Mondays project and I’m adding in a few things. Since all the models from here out are being designed digitally, I’m creating instructions too! Check out my Patreon if you’d like to get your hands on those.

On top of that, I’m going to start live streaming the builds on Instagram, on Fridays or Saturdays as my schedule allows. I’ve got some technical issues to smooth out, but hopefully it will be a cool way to see my process and hear me talk about the builds.

Keep building and enjoy!

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