Micropolis Monday: Townsend Hall

This model started as a sketch. I had time to kill at my day job and spent some of it planning and mapping. What I love about this building is how different it is from everything else that I’ve done.


There are so many fun details to this building. It is small in size, but since I built it with the tiniest elements possible, it has a great sense of mass. There are 725 elements in this model.


The blast of green along the back side of the building really sets the earthy tones off nicely. This model also allowed me to work with some new elements and techniques that I’d never used before. Those new arch elements make for lovely colonades, and using technic pins for columns is a great microscale technique.


I used a lot of odd numbers in this building, which allows for a number of cool design choices but can sometimes be restrictive as LEGO doesn’t provide many elements with odd dimensions.

In the end, I imagine the pseudo-Middle-Eastern architecture of this building must come form some colorful history. It’s first life may have been as a Masonic Lodge, before falling out of use. A succession of owners that failed to bring the eccentric building back to life, before the city bought and restored it. Now the hall is a museum with a rotating collection of antiquities on loan from around the world.

Keep building and enjoy!