Micropolis Monday: Miller’s Hill Market

Many of the buildings in this project have been inspired by architectural drawings and models that I’ve seen. This fantastic design is a simplified version of something that is being built in South Korea and the wild audacity of it really stuck with me.


Imagine an open air market with a public green suspended over it like a canopy. I’ve simplified the design, but I love the way that it turned out. The grass has a rolling quality, while the admin building rises through it and the market can be seen tucked in underneath.


From the other side, it is easier to see that the white structure extends through the canopy.


In a real building, there would be lights and narrow supports underneath. Those are a bit hard to render at this scale, so I only included a few major supports that I needed for structural integrity. There is only a tantalizing hint of all the market stalls inside.


The market takes up the whole block. The building that inspired this had a much more complex network of paths, curving along the topology. There just isn’t enough variety of elements to render it well, so I simplified and I think that it turned out nicely.

Creating instructions for this model was particularly difficult and I found a number of poor choices when I built it. I’ll be improving those instructions first, but then they will be available on my Patreon.

I’m catching up from missing last week’s model, so there will be another tonight!

Keep building and enjoy!