Micropolis Monday: Canal Pool

Years ago, I saw a picture of a pool floating in a river. It seems like the best of both worlds, the controlled water of a pool surrounded by larger expanse of cool water. This came to me as perfect way to finish off my series of canal modules.


When I googled for a reference image, I found a pool that was floating in a river in Berlin. I was struck by the difference in the colors of the water. The pool, with its clean water and white inner surface has a luminous quality. I think I managed to capture that difference nicely here.


I added a couple of buildings on the shore: an office and pair of changing rooms.


It isn’t a big pool, but it fits nicely in the canal. It’s easy to image a flock of city-dwellers beating the summer heat in the pool and laying about on the surrounding deck to bask in the sun.

Now that I’m done with the canal, it is time to start in on my commercial district. Lots of cool buildings coming!

Keep building and enjoy!