Micropolis Monday: Canal Warehouses

As I get near the end of the canal-building phase of my project, it occurred to me that I wanted my canal to have a history of use beyond recreation. I pictured small boats carrying goods through the city. That would mean canal-side businesses and warehouses.


A built a trio of little warehouse buildings along one side of the canal. Their lowest floors are level with the canal to facilitate loading boats. The mix of red and dark red plates makes for a nice masonry.


I regret not putting signage on these cute little buildings, but I do enjoy the anonymity of featureless industrial buildings. Now we can imagine almost anything happening in these old brick warehouses.


I stepped the warehouses out into the canal just a bit so that they could have a reasonable footprint. I also really enjoy the alley that runs between, giving access to the water with a narrow stair.

Check back next week when I reveal the last section of canal.

Keep building and enjoy!