Micropolis Monday: Timmon’s Wood

Though I have incorporated green space into my buildings, I still felt that I wanted some actual parkland in my layout. This lead to the incorporation of a green belt into the plan.


This module came together serendipitously when I found the newer style flower stems and reddish brown antennae in the Pick-A-Brick wall at my local LEGO store. With the addition of a couple other tree varieties, I had a nice little wood.


The module is built in two one-block pieces, which makes transport easier. It also opens up the possibility of making a middle section (or sections) to expand the wood for future layouts.


Seen from above, it is easier to make out the path that curves through the wood, crossing the water on a simple concrete bridge. There are cars too, parked at the ends, a mix of visitors and people just taking a break by the side of the road.

This was one of my least planned modules, but I really love how it looks on the table, contrasting (and complementing) the built environment of my other modules.

Keep building and enjoy!

One thought on “Micropolis Monday: Timmon’s Wood

  1. Loved following all your micropolis builds over the years, this park idea is extra special! Totally agree, micropolis could use more greenery. Would love to see more park builds like this in the future!

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