Micropolis Monday: Silversmith Building

This model was inspired by a larger, more ambitious architecture. I was struck by a building called The Interface, but the scale of it was much too large to be reasonable in Micropolis. The Silversmith building is my scaled-back compromise.


The structure consists of six rectangular volumes stacked in criss-cross layers. To make better use of the footprint, the bottom layer of professional offices spills out toward the street in tiers. The upper levels are residences of varying size.


The stacking of the sections creates voids that can serve as public spaces. The long corridor at street level provides a secluded spot for office workers to eat lunch or take a break from the bustle of urban life. The upper spaces are a mix of communal and private green spaces.


In plan, it is easy to see why this building is nick-named the ‘hashtag building.’ The slight rotation of the stack acts to provide better views for the residents.

I really loved building this model and carefully adjusted the details to get everything just right.

Keep building and enjoy!