Micropolis Monday: Saddleback Building

This model came together from a pair of inspirations: translucent bright green bricks and a lovely building by MVRDV called the Valley. I love the idea of creating architecture that fosters public space and living while still having density.


Though the building techniques I’ve used are fairly simple, I feel that there are some nice subtleties and details to draw the eye. I particularly like how the translucent bright green has a glow to it in the light and the way that the reddish-brown grills form awnings.


On the backside of the building I used texture to keep the solid wall visually interesting. Not knowing what kind of buildings this model might be situated next to, I imagined that this could be an alleyway and wanted to keep it from being too dismal for the pedestrians who might use it.


From above, the irregularly staggered levels are clearer. I wanted this topology to feel organic and livable. Only the very peaks at each end are actually roofs, covered in heat reflecting white and solar panels.

Keep building and enjoy!