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21130 The Nether Railway

I really like the LEGO Minecraft theme. It may not be to many AFOLs liking, with brick heavy, play focused sets, but I love the modularity and the faithfulness to the spirit of the source material. This latest wave of sets has managed to combine this with reasonable prices and great designs. Continue reading 21130 The Nether Railway

70624 Vermillion Invader

Ever since LEGO decided to make Ninjago an evergreen theme, each new season has brought a wealth of awesome colors and elements. The striking red and black color scheme on this mono-tracked vehicle attracted my attention, but it was the new recolors and minifig accessories that made me snatch it off the shelf. Continue reading 70624 Vermillion Invader

31062 Robo Explorer

It’s a new year and there are a lot of new LEGO sets available. Just this last weekend I was at my local store and spotted this little beauty. I have a soft spot for robots, and as any of my fellow builders can tell you: I love bright colors. I added this to the pile ¬†without hesitation. Continue reading 31062 Robo Explorer

10252 Volkswagen Beetle


I don’t buy many of the big sets. My LEGO hobby is more about building than collecting, but sometimes the nostalgia bug bites me hard. I have happy memories of a baby blue beetle that my dad and I drove around in when I was a kid. We put a lot of miles on that car and drove it till it died. Seeing this latest Creator Expert set, I knew that I had to have one. Continue reading 10252 Volkswagen Beetle