75972 Dorado Showdown

I barely know anything about Overwatch®, but I am a fan of sci-fi builds, be they space ships or mecha or anything in between. It was the lure of new minifig parts and such that lured me to give this new series of Overwatch sets a chance.

I can’t say that I’m in love with the box art, but I like the look of the models and I’m holding out hope that the minifigs will be cool.

A three beefy bags of elements and a tiny sticker sheet. A nice palette of colors too.

I generally don’t apply stickers, especially for sets that I’m not planning on displaying. The stickers here feel pretty optional and don’t look like they’ll have a whole lot of use outside this set.

The minifigs in the first bag are Reaper and McCree. I don’t know anything about the characters, but McCree is pretty great, some kind of high-tech, old-west mash-up. I even dig the side cape. The reaper fig is cool too, and I can easily imagine using his pieces in the future.

Both of the torsos have back printing, but I neglected to take off their capes, sorry.

The bag one build was fun. Reaper’s over-sized brick-built guns are fun and utilize a new, smaller gun base element. I particularly liked the construction of the boxy gray cylinder and the string of lights.

Soldier: 76 comes in bag two and honestly, I’m a bit underwhelmed. head is okay and I like the hair, but the torso is blah and the legs aren’t even printed.

The back print is very character specific.

The second bag was a fun build too. The hover-truck has some nice sculpting and color-blocking, not to mention some cleverly hidden wheels to let it glide about. Soldier: 76’s gun is even more ridiculously oversized.

The final bag is for this facade, which I assume is rather iconic in the game. There is a lot of cool snot techniques in use here and I really enjoyed this last part of the build. It also came with one of those new candle flame elements (and a spare!) and I’m stoked about that.

The finished set is very much about play value. It was lost on me, but my son immediately picked up a couple of the minifigs and commenced with the “pew pew.” I will say that the low price per piece (just over 7¢) makes this a great parts pack, chock full of snot elements and other cool bits.

Myself, I just want to get a couple more of those McCree figures and build myself a spaceship full of space rangers…

Keep building and enjoy!