Micropolis Monday: Tea Plantation House

I feel like residential neighborhoods are a neglected aspect of Micropolis cities. To get this feature started, I built a small modern home.

I’m a big fan of Netflix’s The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. This model was inspired by one of the homes in the second season. The house was a simple modernist glass box wrapped with wooden louvers. I think it translated quite well.


It’s a small house on a spacious lot. I wrapped it in a rough hedge. As with all of the residential modules that I’m going to build for this project, I set the sidewalks back and lined the street with trees.


I placed a parking around the side of the house. From this angle you can also see that the open windows on the back of the house step down to a patio in the back yard, which is shaded by a big leafy tree.


Seen in plan, the layout is fairly simple. I’ve mounted the house at an angle to break up the otherwise rectilinear build. Keeping with my design tendencies, I’ve taken advantage of the flat roof to place three banks of solar panels on the home.

Check back next week for more.

Keep building and enjoy!