40354 Dragon Dance Guy

I was really excited to see that LEGO decided to use BrickHeadz for their seasonal sets again in 2019. I was even more excited to see that one of their Chinese New Year sets would be available in the United States, for the first time! I had to get my hands on that!

This is a beautiful box, highlighting the model and setting the mood perfectly. Let’s dig in.

As befits a BrickHeadz set with such a high piece count (170!), there are three bags of elements in the box. The mix of bright red, flame yellowish orange, and warm gold is really attractive here.

Some great parts in this set. I’m stoked to see how common these new 1×1 snot brackets are becoming and I think this is the first time I’ve gotten my hands on one of the rounded 1×2 plates. Those warm gold parts should be useful for all kinds of decorative elements. None of these elements are unique to this set, but I definitely found them enticing.

The completed BrickHeadz model is great. There are a number of cool techniques in use. The interior of the model’s head has been altered slightly to make it possible to attach all of the detail to the sides of the head and there is some clever snot work used to create the snout of the dragon head.

The back of the model looks just as great, something that is sometimes neglected on small character models like this. The mix of colors complement each other nicely.

Like the rest of the seasonal BrickHeadz, the dragon dancer gets a fancy base. The hanging lanterns are nicely built, using a variation on the designs used for the LEGO Ninjago Movie sets.

All finished, it’s a great little model with a nice number of extra elements. I really enjoyed the build and I’ll probably display him on a shelf for quite a while.

An enthusiastic thumbs up for this great little set! Pick one up while you can.

Keep building and enjoy!