10271 Fiat 500

I don’t buy many car models, and to be lately I haven’t been building many sets at all. This adorable model caught my eye immediately though. I love little cars of the sorts that generally don’t exist in the world anymore, and if the cute car wasn’t enough, they released it in cool yellow!


There is so much to love in this box even before we open it. This iconic Italian car is based on a model released in 1965, and it feels so true to the era. The other reason that this model evokes so much nostalgia for me is that it is the same car used in Miyazaki’s Castle of Cagliostro! It’s so easy to imagine Lupin and Jigen racing around the countryside in this model.


In the box, the elements are divided into three groups of three bags each. These nine bags are full of cool yellow elements in just about every shape imaginable. About 75% of these cool yellow elements are recolors that are unique to this set. I’m already plotting to get another copy later, just for the parts!

more contents

In addition to the bags of elements, there is a handsome instruction booklet, a fabric element for the car’s soft top and a modest sheet of stickers. The booklet has a brief history of the Fiat 500 and some lovely photos.

bag 1

The first set of bags builds the basic frame and rear end of the car. There are a lot of really interesting techniques being used in this model. Though the frame relies on technic connections for strength, there is some unusual part usage that keeps it light without sacrificing rigidity. I’m looking forward to trying these out in my own builds.

bag 2

Next, we build the seats and doors. Again, there are some clever techniques in play to not only continue the body lines across the doors, but add details to the interior, such as handles and window cranks. I was quite pleased at this stage to see that they gave me an extra 1×1 round tile with the Fiat logo. I don’t know how I’ll use it, but it is welcome nonetheless.

bag 3

The final set of bags finishes out the model. Now we get to see the cute accessories that round out the model to facilitate our dreams of exploring Italy. The smaller builds like the touring trunk and the easel are well crafted and satisfying, even if they are a bit sticker rich.

This was a dream of a model to build. The sculpting is elegant, capturing curves and subtle tapers very nicely. The car is full of pleasing details as well, and any that might be missing are so easily overlooked. Honestly, I don’t want to spoil this build, because I think it should be experienced first hand.

completed model

The finished model is a delight and I fully intend to display it for years to come. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. Transport back to a time of simpler cars with a sense of fun and adventure.

Keep building and enjoy!