Micropolis Monday: City Cultural Center

Many of my buildings start with a seed. I really enjoy architecture and spend a fair amount of time looking at pictures of buildings. This started that way, with a picture seen once, that grew in my imagination in an entirely new direction.


The stairs were the seed for this building. A long, gently rise that curves up into the buildings. Visitors would walk up into the sun-lit hall, patterned light filtering through the timber lattice that surrounds the upper section of the building.


The back is rather non-descript, just a narrow alley and an extra set of exits.


The rooftop park is small, but vibrant. A pleasant place to meet a friend or take a quiet lunch. I really like the contrast of the voxel-like trees in this space.

This is a model that I designed months ago, so it was lovely to finally be ready to build it and to have it turn out so well.

Keep building and enjoy!