Micropolis Monday: Terryfield 2,3,4

I like to think of the evolution of cities. Some buildings come and go as they fit or don’t fit the needs of their surroundings. Other buildings are adapted, taking on new roles in the landscape.


I imagine these three buildings as being repurposed survivors. There were originally four, but one succumbed to the tide of time and had to be torn down. The others weathered some dark times, but have been recently refurbished and made anew.


Building 2 has been partially converted to commercial use, with the addition of a pair of storefronts. One of those is a high-end concept store, where they have replaced much of the traditional masonry with glass bricks.

Where buildings 2 and 3 have had their roof tops planted with solar panels, building 4 sports a trio of hyper modern small-and-talls. I really had fun designing something that would stand out, yet still be readable as homes.


All three buildings have the same footprint. In fact, when I built the model digitally, I actually just copied and pasted them into place. Then on a second pass, I edited them to be distinct from each other.

This is one of the largest plate-built models that I’ve done yet, with over 2000 elements!

Keep building and enjoy!