Micropolis Monday: The Anvil Center

Some models start with and concept, an interesting image, and evolve away, becoming something totally different. This building started simpler, but I kept adding complications until it was something unusual.


The original inspiration was a horizontal base with a vertical tower. I twisted the base and added a wing, then sloped two of those wings upward. The tower stayed orthogonal to the road and rises tall and minimal, contrasting with the more complex shapes and textures below.

I thought about making the lower roof a public space, but I struggled to figure out how to build it, so I made it a green roof, matching many other buildings in my city.

The tower has a very different window glazing than the clear below. I used translucent black and dark pink bricks, trying to capture a dark glazing that shows color under different angles of light.


around the other side is a public space: a grid of stone pillars draped with plants. I imagine that each has a planter on the top and the lush greenery trails down the sides. An interpretation of the urban jungle, an artistic concept for the public.


In plan, we can see the angled lower building and the skew of the tower. I would have liked to match the landscaping better with the angles of the base, but such is the limitation of working with LEGO at this scale.

I streamed the design process on Twitch. It took about two hours to get the majority of the model designed, though I did make some edits and finishing touches the next day.

design process

I’m trying to get better at these streams, so please feel free to give feedback.

Keep building and enjoy!