Micropolis Monday: First City Bank

This week I wound up with a 2-in-1, as the main building didn’t fill the whole space and I needed to add a second building to round it out. I managed to use two different styles and a many different build techniques!


This model started with a picture of a building that had a wing jutting out on beams over a parking area. I loved the basic shape and the exposed structural elements. For my version, I took the wing over the road and a small parking lot.

There are some cool techniques in use here to get the half-stud set-back for the windows and I really like how the technic brick looks as the exposed concrete beam. It was also fun to populate a little parking lot below.

The second building is an older masonry structure, that I plate built in tan with medium nougat and dark tan for texture. I really feel like there is a lot of personality in this little building, and now I want to finish out the other three-quarters of a city block in with similar buildings!

I made the most of the half-block module, balancing the mass of the larger building with the details of the smaller and the parking lot below.


I tucked a large dumpster behind the little building, and we can see a bit more of the cars in the parking lot.


The roofs are very different, the more modern roof festooned with solar arrays and communications gear, while the smaller building has a simpler barrel shape hidden behind the decorative facade.

I designed these on my Twitch stream last Friday night in about 90 minutes. I’d share that stream, but for some technical difficulties. I didn’t keep a separate recording, and when I did retrieve it, I realized that my mic hadn’t been working. So there is 90 minutes of my lips moving, but you can’t hear a word. Sigh. I’m getting better at that, but I still have a lot to learn.

The model turned out much better.

Keep building and enjoy!